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Nov 13, 2019

There is something common amongst ALL of us that is operating on a daily basis and it is VERY likely sabotaging your success in your Soul-Fueled business. It is likely outside your awareness. If we don’t heal this, success in our business will be illusive AND very painful in the attempt. Wendy shares 4 powerful steps you can take today to heal this. She also gives you an exercise to make a big shift so you can THRIVE doing work you love and and create a super juicy life.

*The SoulFUEL® podcast now airs every Monday (a change to the previous Thursday schedule).

IMPORTANT REMINDER: She’s Unstoppable LIVE is coming in February and you can get on the waitlist now.

This will be 3 AMAZING days in the SF Bay Area for women who either are or want to be, online coaches, guides, consultants, light workers, healers, mentors, teacher and trainers. It is perfect for you if you are unclear about the direction of your business like what you offer or maybe you’re not sure how to find clients. You might not know your SoulFUEL.

This is also ideal for those of you who already have a business you want to grow or add an online income stream to. We will explore both the inner and outer game of success (with a focus on mindset, marketing and manifesting) so YOU can be unstoppable in 2020. You’ll also walk away with a specific plan you can take action on right away. 

To get on the waitlist just email with the subject title, “Waitlist”. Only those on this list will get access to Early-EARLY Bird ticket prices, exclusive bonuses and the inside scoop on details before anyone else finds out.