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Apr 6, 2021

In the Spring, most of us feel the urge to clear the clutter and organize our lives but what about clearing our internal clutter too? What if you devoted this month to releasing all the things you no longer need - the things that just aren't working, and renewed your mind, body and spirit?

Wendy offers several ways you can do this and when you do, you will feel lighter and brighter and may even get a little pep in your step - and from THAT more uplifted place, you can take braver, clearer actions in your business.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mark you calendar! The FREE SoulFUEL Spark Challenge is happening again!! Watch for enrollment in May 2021.

Also, the SoulFUEL® Discovery waitlist is now open for May enrollment. This is a course with LIVE coaching where you learn EXACTLY what you are meant to do and how to position your Calling (from a marketing perspective) so you can make money doing it.

Just go to >>> to join the waitlist. We will have limited seats  but waitlisters get first choice to join and at the Early Bird Rate. You will walk away knowing your SoulFUEL® – what you are meant to do, and you will have at least one business idea that has a great chance at success – whether that’s a new business or a pivot in your existing one.