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Jan 21, 2020

Ever wonder why you keep repeating the same patterns year after year? How DO we break through self sabotage when it's happening subconsciously? Listen in as Michael and I talk about the ESSENTIAL tools you need to train your mind to succeed and how these practices allowed Michael to go from being a broke blogger to a very successful writer.

Time Sensitive
 Announcement: Tickets are now available for, "She’s Unstoppable LIVE”! Let’s get offline and build your business together. This is a 3-Day Transformational event for female entrepreneurs February 20-22, 2020 in Tiburon, California.

By attending, you are setting yourself up beautifully to create more money and more impact in your business...
AND even MORE importantly, you will be learning how to be a truly Unstoppable SoulFUEL’d® Woman who moves through the world with grace, confidence and a deep sense of her own worthiness, creating freedom for herself and those around her.

This will be a VERY productive and inspirational time together whether you are just starting out in your business or already have a business you want to scale, pivot or add an online offering to.

Go to:, for all the details! Save $670 through January 23, 2020 AND when you use Coupon Code: SOULFUELPODCAST, you save an additional $100, for being a loyal podcast listener.

To learn more about Michael and enroll in his 7-day series to make your first $1,000 as a freelance writer, check out Also, be sure to follow him on Instagram (@iammichaelleonard), for daily updates and inspiration.